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AAC Awareness Month!

October is official AAC Awareness Month! For those who don't know, or need a refresher, AAC is...

A = Augmentative

A = Alternative

C = Communication

We all use AAC at least some of the time -- anytime you communicate without speech, you're using AAC! But AAC becomes much more important for those who can't rely on their speech abilities to meet all of their communication needs. See this earlier blog post for more info.

This month, I plan to share links, resources, videos, stories, etc., about AAC. My first show-and-tell item is a collection of online resources created by someone who knows their stuff -- the mom of an AAC user. Her central hub is on Facebook, but you can also find her stuff here:

Special Crafts for Special Kids

AAC Modeling Ideas

AAC Family Fun - Youtube channel

Happy browsing!

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