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Day # 4: AAC Awareness Month - When Things Get Messy

It's a known law of the universe that kids love to make messes -- finger foods, finger paints, play-doh, mud, etc. This universal truth applies just as much to kids who are learning to use AAC, which usually means the presence of some sort of expensive electronic device. That sounds like a potentially dangerous combination.

But don't lose hope! Kim Rankin -- the mom from yesterday's post about the challenges of AAC -- comes to the rescue: Augmented Communication and Messy Play

AAC users don't need to give up on either the fun of making messes or their access to AAC. With a little creativity and some planning ahead, it's all possible!

P.S. -- Laminating machines are an AAC lover's best friend. I'm so excited to get one for the Early Start office!

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