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Day # 8: AAC Awareness Blog - The Fear Is Real

Who better to explain the AAC journey than a parent of an AAC user who is also a speech-language pathologist? Meet Dana Neider.

In this blog post, she explores the very real fear that she, as a parent, experienced when allowing her typically-developing son to use AAC as a toddler:

"With Maya, who had no speech, I ran into the world of AAC with open arms, thirsty to learn and buy and implement and immerse. Deciding to give AAC to Will, and struggling with the emotions that were a part of that decision, allowed me to understand what the process is like for parents of children who have some speech and are being told that they should add AAC into the communication mix."

Here is her advice to other parents in considering AAC for their child (emphasis mine):

"Parents, if you are considering AAC for a nonverbal or minimally verbal little one, but holding back because you’re scared, take the leap. Your child deserves the words, in whatever way they can access them right now."

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